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Winter Must Haves


So… it’s still winter and with the absolutely frigid temperatures we have been facing here in the midwest #hello-3beforewindchill, it has been pretty difficult to keep everything feeling soft and nourished. But, here are a few absolutely lifesaving products I have found to be really helpful and have since been using to combat everything from fly-aways to a flaky nose.

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Fav. Hair Products


I know this is my second post on hair products this week, but I’ve been thinking about these posts for quite a while and I’ve been styling my hair pretty regularly, so it seemed like the right time. Anyway, here are the four products that I haven’t yet mentioned that I use regularly.

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The Morning Edit


Hey everybody, sorry for skipping a day. This week has been INSANELY busy for me. I am the Technical Director of a huge show that is happening on campus tonight and of my time has been devoted to it this week. But to make up for my absence, I present The Morning Edit. A week or so ago I posted about the products I use as I’m getting ready for bed. Today’s post is about the products I like to use as I’m getting ready in the morning.  I don’t use all of these everyday, but all of these products are towards the top of my morning favorites list. They are just nice things that make the morning a little bit easier, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like that?

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