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IMG_1291Hey Friends! Today, I wanted to mention my Fujifilm Instax Mini. I got this over Christmas Break and have really loved being able to take pictures and have them instantly. This is totally a novelty product, but it is a lot of fun. I always wanted one of these when I was a kid, so when I spied on at Meijer, I literally had to get it. I have really enjoyed having this, like I said its fun to be able to snap a picture and have it right away. I think that taking pictures with this camera help you to really capture a moment and stay connected with it. It doesn’t go on a computer and wait to be printed for several months, its here now. And… sometimes the pictures are super unflattering and funny. Also, fun fact: the photo of my fiancee I snapped the night we got engaged:) He doesn’t like it, but I’ll never forget that. Anway, if you are thinking about getting one of these, I would go for it. I haven’t regretting getting mine one bit. Also, I think that one of this would make a super fun gift, especially for someone who like photography or who is going to college.

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