Feeling Floral?


Happy Monday! I thought I would write up a little post for today about my favorite floral products since its getting to be spring and flowers are starting to pop up. In order to qualify to be a part of this post, the products had to smell, taste like, or contain floral extracts. Anyway, here are the products I selected.IMG_1286This is one of my all-time favorite teas. It is from Teavana, and it is delicious. I love fruity teas and floral teas, and this is honestly the best of both worlds! I like to mix this one with a bit of Peach Blush (formerly Peach Tranquility).

IMG_1289Both of these products are scents. At the top is a Rose, Peony, and Bergamot scented oil (from Urban Outfitters). This is perfume is very rich smelling, and ridiculously long lasting. It truly does last all day, and often into the second day as well. I suspect this is because it is an oil, so it absorbs into the skin, as opposed to most perfumes which are alcohol based and evaporate off of the skin. The second product is a little, solid, rose scented perfume. This stuff has a very classic rose scent, which I think is really comforting. I also like that it is so small, so its easy to slip into a small purse for touchups as needed.

IMG_1287Here are the 2 floral lip products that recommend. Both of these products have a very light rose scent. The Jouer Lip Enhancer is an all-time favorite of mine. I have been using it for around a year and still completely love it. It really smooths and moisturizes lips and gives a hint of glossy color. The Vaseline is a new product. I am a huge fan of the Cocoa Butter Lip balms, so I decided to pick this one up and give it a try. This also has a pale color, and slightly glossy finish, but tends to be a bit goopey as well. It definitely lasts longer though, and is a bit more moisturizing.


Here are my final four products. This facial spray is something that I have raved about many times. It is super cheap ($8 at Ulta) and lasts a long time. It is really refreshing and moisturizing and I just love it. Enough said. Similarly, I have raved about Smith’s Rose Salve. It is the best multi-use product I have ever found. I use it on my lips, dry patches, my cuticles, even on my eyelashes. It is also really inexpensive. You should probably buy one the next time you spot one. Lastly, I have 2 hand lotions. The smaller is from l’Occitane. It smells wonderful and is moisturizing, although not as much as the original Shea hand creme. The second, and well loved and used, is from the Body Shop. This one smells like you have stepped into a flower cooler. It smells of cool roses, with hints of other flowers as well. It applies quite lightly, but is really moisturizing and the scent lingers for quite a while too.

I guess I should have said that this post was about rose products, but I didn’t really intend for it to be. I guess I just have a lot of rose based products… I do like roses:) Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this post. Leave any comments/questions in the box below! Thanks for reading.





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2 responses to “Feeling Floral?

  1. Yum! Teavana is the best. I’ve been wanting to try the Mario Badescu rosewater spray too!

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