Benefit’s Big Easy

I didn’t really need another base type product, but I was enticed by Big Easy. The big claims, and beautiful packaging were my downfall. Then on top of it all, Ulta ran a promotion. Read on and learn more about Benefit’s newest product.


Big Easy is a product that is meant to solve all of your problems. It has light, but build able coverage. It helps to control oil and has SPF 35. It self-adjusts to your personal skin-tone and has a light powdery finish. I have to say that these claims are pretty high, but somehow it actually does all of the things that it claims. I like light coverage foundations, and the powdery finish is absolutely perfect and helps to keep the shine away all day. I’m not sure if it is self-adjusting, but it does match my skin-tone really well. I really like this product and I think that it will be perfect to wear all summer since it has SPF 35, controls oil, and is lightweight.

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