NYX Butter Glosses

IMG_1254I would not normally admit to liking a lip gloss. Normally, I like balms. But, I’m going to have recant a bit due to these glosses. I have read quite a bit about these glosses recently and I decided to go ahead and pick a few up. I wasn’t really expecting to like them that much, but boy was I wrong. These glosses are so moisturizing and smooth, and with the most perfect hint of color. They also smell amazing, like cake, or some other delicious baked good. I currently own two: Creme Brulee (coral-y color on the right) and Vanilla Creme Pie (the pink on the right). Creme Brulee actually applies nude, at least on my lips. Vanilla Creme Pie is a pretty pink, that I have been wearing pretty often lately. Even if you aren’t a gloss person, you really might want to try one of these out.

Have any of you tried the NXY Butter Glosses and if so, what are your thoughts/ favorite color? Thanks for reading!


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