Lancôme – “Free Gift With Purchase”

Last weekend my family, Trent, and I went to Fort Wayne. The purpose of the trip was to visit my grandpa, who was in the hospital after a quadruple bypass. We also went out for dinner and did a bit of shopping. While we were at the mall, my mom and I went to Carson’s and I saw that Lancôme was running a promotion. The deal was you spend $35 and get a free gift. I decided to pick up a few things so that I could get the gift. Here’s what I got and kept and my thoughts.

In the gift set, you got two skin serums, a moisturizer, an eye palette or a lipstick, a mascara, the cils booster, and the makeup case. I gave the case and the two serums to my mom. I have so many cases, and I didn’t think that the serums would do much for me, so that’s why I gave those parts away.


These are the pieces I purchased, and the pieces from the kit I kept. The lady at the counter actually gave the juicy tube as an extra. She was unable to find a few of the products that I was thinking about buying, and I think that she just really appreciated that I was being patient and nice. The gloss is a nice color and it smells like watermelon. I think that I am going to save it for summer. Anyway, I really like the eye palette. It has some really gorgeous colors. There is a nice assortment of colors and finishes. I have used the matte brown several times as well as the bronze/goldey color and the shimmery brown. I haven’t tried the purple yet, but I plan to. It looks so pretty in the pan. I purchased a full size of one of the Color Design eye shadows in 126 Eclair. It is so pretty. Wow. It is a cool brown color with a touch of silver toned shimmer.

So as my other full-sized purchase to get the gift set, I got the  Definicils mascara in Deep Brown. I used this mascara in my “Get Ready With Me” video. It isn’t the most easy mascara to use, but I do like it anyway. It makes my eyelashes look crazy long and defined, but not overly thick. The other two products in this photo are the samples from the gift set. There is the Hypnose mascara in Black and the CILS Booster XL. I have tried the mascara and am still forming my opinion, but I haven’t tried the booster yet.


Here is a close up on the wands. The booster wand is quite fluffy. The Hynose wand is in a wave like shape. The photo makes it appear to be curved like a curling mascara brush, but that isn’t what it is like. The Definicils wand is pretty classic with thin bristles.

Anyway, I would recommend getting this gift set if you are considering it. I think that the set it quite valuable and worth the money. Have any of you picked this set up, and if so what are your thoughts? Thanks for reading!


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