Essie – Splash of Grenadine


I picked this polish up over the weekend and boy am I glad I did. It is so pretty. It’s a purply-bubble gum pink color. I know that description sounds weird, but that’s the only way I can think of to explain it. ha. I love this polish and think that I will keep repainting my nails this color for a long time. I think that it is very wearable because it isn’t too bright, but it still stays true to the spring/pastel/bright colors theme that I am currently loving. I found this polish very easy to apply. The formula was spot on, not too thick, but not too thin. The color was a bit on the “watery” side (aka, it isn’t as pigmented as most polishes), but I actually really like that feature of this polish. The photos are what my nails looked like after a single coat of Essie’s Ridge Filling Base Coat, two coats of polish, and one coat of  Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat.


Hope you enjoyed this little nail update. Let me know what you think of my new color! Thanks for reading.


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