My Nightstand


I wasn’t sure what to write about today. I knew that I wanted to mix things up. I have posted a lot of “haul” type posts today and wanted to get away from that, for a little bit anyway. So as I was trying to think about what I wanted to write about, I was sitting on my bed, staring at my nightstand. Then inspiration struck. So this is a quick, overview of what I keep in my nightstand.


Starting at the top, I have my wake-up light alarm clock (by Philips), a lamp, an OPI AvoJuice hand lotion (in Jasmine, obviously), a little air freshener by Febreeze (in Jasmine), and a little wooden bowl that I put any jewelry in that I forgot to take off before I got into bed.



ย This is the top shelf of my nightstand. One this one I keep some books and paper goods: The Secret of Scent, The Secret of Chanel No. 5, my ESV Bible, The Screwtape Letters (which I am reading with my fiancee), and my journal. Then I also have a basket that just holds some little treasures: breathe right strips (because… I snore *shame face), some tissues on the bottom, a pair of spare headphones, LUSH’s Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, a few little boxes, a sleep mask, ย Welda’s Skin Food Lotion, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Bath and Body Works Destress Roller Ball, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Chapstick, CO Bigelow’s Nighttime Shea Lip Moisturizer, Bath and Body Works Milk and Honey (mini) Pillow Spray and the Lavender Chamomile Pillow Spray, Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil, and Badger’s Sleep Dreams Cream.

The second shelf: this one has two notebooks on the left side and then another basket. This basket holds a few books and my iPad cases. From the left to the right: a black, leather Apple Smart Cover, a Kate Spade classic notebook print case, a Ralph Lauren leather folio case, and a pink folio Marc Jacobs case. Then I have a devo book that my home church was selling (and fun fact, my Pastor has several devos in this book), next is the Backstage Handbook (which I was given as a gift by one of my employers, where I am a technician for Sound, Lighting & Media), then there is another devo book The Business of Heaven, and lastly another notebook.

On the last shelf, which is actually the floor, I have the largest basket in which I keep spare pouches, wristlets, wallets, and coin purses. There are way too many things to point them all out, but just to highlight a few: on the far left, there is a hot pink Kate Spade Wallet, towards the bottom in the middle, kind of squished in there, is a Fossil phone pouch wallet (and it is pretty fun), then in the bottom there is a tiny little Dooney & Burke little envelope coin purse that is pretty cute.

Anyway, that’s basically it. If you would like to hear more about any of the things in this post, or noticed something that I didn’t point out, leave a comment in the box below. I think that I am going to do a video covering my favorite handbags, wristlets, and wallets soon. Thanks for reading!


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