March Mini Drugstore Haul

So this isn’t really a “haul”. These products represent several trips to Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Meijer, whose purpose was to get groceries and household products, not that it stopped me from walking down the cosmetics aisle and picking up a few things. Anyway, read on and learn more.

1. Almay Makeup Remover Sticks. I picked up these before Spring Break. I brought them to my trip to Sephora to clean up my hands and arms after I swatched all over them. They work, but they are a bit difficult to use. Sometimes the tip snaps all the way off, and then the remover rushes out and makes a bit of a mess.

2. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Erasing Primer. This product is really similar to Benefit’s Pore Professional Primer. They are both really silicone-y, so if you don’t care for really slick primers, then this isn’t for you. I do think that this product works. I only use it around my nose and across my forehead, where my pores are more noticeable because I don’t see the point of applying it everywhere and it does leave the skin feeling almost slippery.


3. Almay Color Care Liquid Lip Balm, in Pink Pout. I have several of these lip glosses in other colors too. I really like these products and have been using them quite a bit. They are really moisturizing and smell great, kind of like cupcakes or cake batter. These products are sheer, so they look pretty natural, even though they appear quite bright. The only downside to lip glosses is that they don’t seem to be really long lasting.

4. Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner, in Sable. I have only used this a few times, and from this I can definitely say that this product is long-lasting and waterproof. It applies very smoothly and the color payoff is good. It is a little difficult to remover, and you have to use a waterproof makeup remover to get this product off.

5. L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder, in Light Ivory. I have read a few posts about this stuff and they all seem to be very complementary, so I decided to pick it up and try it out. I love this. I think that it is the only “full” base (aka, not a tinted moisturizer or bb/cc cream) that I can see myself wearing everyday. It is a liquid, but once on the skin, it magically turns into a powder. This feels much more luxurious than its price might indicate. L’Oreal is owned by the same company as Estee Lauder, so maybe that’s why this base feels so nice.


6. Flower Color Play Creme Eyeshadow, in Wild Geranium. I know this picture looks a little weird, but I was trying to get one that shows off the texture of this eyeshadow. It is somehow fluffy and light, as opposed to the traditionally harder, more compacted creme shadows. I love this color. It is a gorgeous, light rose-gold color. I love wearing it on it’s own and as a base under other similarly colored shadows. This is by far my favorite product out of the bunch; I highly recommend it. It is pretty inexpensive and I found it at Walmart of all places.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all of these little things I have casually been picking up for several weeks now. Are there any new drugstore products that you have tried and loved? Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.


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