What I’ve Been Up To…


It has happened again; I haven’t posted in days. I’ve been crazy busy again. This post will just kind of catch everyone up with what I’ve been up to, since last Thursday… brace yourself, there has been quite a bit.

Friday was a really busy day because it was the day that Kyle and I (and one of his friends, Brighton) came home for Spring Break… not that it has been very “spring” since we’ve gotten like 5 inches of snow. We didn’t leave on time, not that we ever do. ย That evening I fell asleep on the couch, which I seem to do pretty often when I’m at home. The next morning we got up pretty early and left for Indianapolis because Kole was performing at ISSMA State Solo and Ensemble. We got him down there on time, but then his room was running an hour behind, so we sat around and waited FOREVER until he played, but his ensemble got gold, so it was worth it. After that, my dad, Kyle, and Brighton continued on south to our family’s cabin, and my mom, Kole, and I went to P.F. Chang’s for lunch. Oh man, it was good. Then we went over the the fashion mall, where were did some shopping, obviously. Let’s just way that I did some damage in Sephora, and you can expect to see a haul video very soon. Also just a quick little brag, but my little brother Kole is awesome. Most guys are horrible to take shopping, but not Kole. He is super patient and always gives me an honest opinion. He followed me around Sephora for an hour, giving me opinions on swatches, finding products, and even making suggestions. Whoever gets him will be one lucky lady.

On Sunday after church, my mom, Trent’s mom, and I went out for lunch and then went to a bridal expo. It was pretty fun! The picture above is actually a gift box I won at the expo. It has a Target gift card, some adorable pencils, a notebook, a to do list notepad, a picture frame, and a chevron print organizer. It was really nice to spend some time with the moms and to see some fresh new ideas for the wedding. We haven’t decided about the location for the reception yet, but I saw some places that I hadn’t thought of, that I actually really like.

On Monday my mom, grandma, and I went up to Shipsewana to get some things for the wedding. We got breakfast at this adorable little Amish bakery, that was so. so. good. We also bought some pastries to bring home. We went to a little shop that had Origami Owl stuff and I got a necklace! I love it! We also got all of the plate, cups, and napkins for the reception, which is what we actually went for.

Finally, on Tuesday, I took my grandma to see my grandpa. He is currently in a rehab facility. He is a cancer survivor and has diabetes, and on top of it all he retains water like its it job. He has currently lost over 50lbs. in water weight and has regained his sense of balance and is feeling stronger because of the physical therapy. I am really thankful that he is getting better, but I know that it is really hard for them to be apart. We had lunch and spent time with him until it was time for his afternoon physical therapy.

I know this post is really long, and that it is my fault for not posting sooner. Sorry about that! I hope you haven’t lost faith in me because I have some really good posts coming up soon! Thanks for reading.


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