Recent Purchases


So, this isn’t the beauty haul post I promised, just a post about some recent purchases that I have been enjoying. I guess they sort of fit into twoish categories, tech and lifestyle? Anyway, here what everything is and why I love it.



1. Targus 42” Tripod. I have been using this little guy to not only help me get better photos, but also to film a video or two:) This tripod is really light weight, but durable and it folds up really small, so it was perfect for bring home over break!

2. Apple Smart Cover, in black leather. My mom and I got a pair of these on sale for $11.50 at Staples. Hello good deal. I have one of the pale gray plasticy ones, but it is sort of dirty (not that I have tried to clean it, in all fairness). I love the feel of the leather, and also that it won’t show dirt.

3. Apple Magic Mouse. I was on the fence for a long time about this one. I almost bought it several times and Kyle almost bought it for me for my birthday. But, I recently decided to take the plunge and do it, after I was assure that I could return it if I din’t like it. I like though and won’t be taking it back.

4. Lindor Truffle Eggs. I got kind of nostalgic when I saw these. I used to love the chocolate eggs that you get in eggs for easter. Then I saw that they were Lindor truffles… and I got them. They are pretty good, albeit rich, so you can only eat a few at a time, but that’s probably better anyway.

5. Madwell Pouch Wallet, in spot dot. I picked this cute little pouch up recently when it was on sale and I have been using it since. It is slim enough that it can comfortably fit in a pocket, but also but enough that it can fit more than you need. I also really like the leather-like texture and the adorbs print.

6. Origami Owl necklace. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I don’t think that this necklace is from the Origami Owl brand, but this version actually came out before Origami Owl and is more affordable, so no complaints there. I currently have 4 charms: a camera, a lipstick, a ring, and a music note. I know that there are some really cute charms online, so I will probably purchase from Origami Owl.

Anyway thanks for reading! Have you made any recent purchases that you are in love with?


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