An Evening In


Last night we had a rehearsal for concert that happened this morning. It was the combined IWU and Taylor orchestras and also select members of the Marion Philharmonic Orchestra. I always get a little snarky during those things because people. just people. There were some seriously weird people sitting around me. Chelsea and I obviously made the best of the situation and started a hilarious twitter convo about all the funny/dumb stuff that happened. Anyway when I came home I just laid on my bed and did nothing for the rest of the night, and it was really awesome. 



I read some magazines and caught up on my favorite blogs. I was going to watch Breaking Bad (I am in Season 2, right now), but then some friends came up and talked instead, which was way more fun than watching tv. We ate an entire bag of Confetti Cake Chex Mix… omg. so. good. I bought three bags of it:D I also had a bottle of evolution’s Strawberry Lemonade. That stuff is super, super good. It is USDA-certified organic, and all of the juice is cold-pressed. delicious. Also, isn’t my iPad case adorbs? I have had it for a while, but haven’t used it until recently. I also repainted my nails. I had been wearing Butter London’s All Hail the Queen. I love that color; it is the perfect one coat neutral. I repainted and used my new Deborah Lippman polish. I am not sure how much I like it, which is really disappointing because I thought that I would love it. I will post pictures to Instagram later, so they will show up in the sidebar.

Anyway, this post is super chill. I hope that’s cool. I haven’t decided what tomorrow’s post will be yet, but it will probably be better than this one. lol. Thanks for reading!


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