REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser

Clay-CleanserI have been reading a ton about this cleanser. There have been mixed reviews on it, but I was really interested in the idea of a clay based cleanser. I didn’t understand how it was possible actually. So… I decided to buy a bottle and try it out myself. It is really simple to use. You massage one pump of the cleanser onto your face and that’s it. The texture is interesting; its slightly gritty, but not enough that I would describe it as exfoliating. The more you massage it in, the more it dries out, so that by the time you are finished rubbing it in, it has dried out and sort of resembles a clay mask. Then you just rinse it off. So easy. I have really been enjoying using this cleanser for the past week. It is gentle enough to use whenever I want, but it has also been making my skin look pretty perfect, and no complaints about that! I would recommend this product. I would be cautious if you have dry skin though, as clay can be pretty drying. It has been working really well for me though and I think I have combination/normal type skin. Anyway, if you are interested I would do a bit of reading for yourself and see if it seems like something that would work for you.

Thanks for reading. Have any of you tried this cleanser or another clay-based cleanser?


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