Oops, I did it again…

and totally didn’t post anything over the weekend. My bad guys. I was super crazy busy during the week and didn’t have any time to work on any posts ahead of time, which is what I usually do. I mentioned earlier this week that I am the Technical Director for Indiana Wesleyan’s Friday Night Live Show. The show was this past Friday. It was my last one, which was bittersweet, but also good. I am ready to move on and graduate. I am really pleased with how the show went; I ended my time with FNL on a high note. Here is my personal favorite video from the show:

Then on Saturday, I helped one of my friends get ready for her Junior Horn recital, which was so good. She is crazy talented and put on a great show. After her recital, I buzzed over to the basketball game and played in the pep band. Then after that, Maddie and I went and saw my fiancé’s band (Beyond Normal Sea) perform. They just released their first EP, and it is awesome. You should check out their band camp site here. They are super good, and I am so proud:)

Today, I was on tour with the Wind Ensemble. We were in Rochester this morning and then Bluffton this evening. It was fun, but it made for a rather crazy end to my weekend. Anyway, thanks for checking in tonight and come back tomorrow to read about a new cleanser I have been testing!


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