February Birchbox


As promised, this is the review of my February Birchbox. I have to say that opening my Birchbox is one of my favorite things; there isn’t anything more exciting than checking the mail and seeing that it has finally come. Here are the goods:

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing shampoo and conditioner($19.99): I have used the shine spray from this series before, but never the shampoo and conditioner. I tested these over the weekend while I was traveling because the bottles are small and easy to pack. To be honest, I didn’t really notice that my hair was much shinier than normal. I have other products that don’t even claim to enhance shine and they do a better job than this set. The smell was ok, but I didn’t really think that it smelled floral, as the bottle claims it should. Overall, I was not wowed by either of these. I probably won’t ever buy full sized versions of these products, but I will finish using up the tester bottles.

Costal Scents Revealed Palette set ($34): So my sample of this palette has four small sized shadows. The colors are ok, but they aren’t really anything new. Also, my sample has a black shadow in in and I wish it didn’t. I thought the point of taking the personalization quiz on Birchbox was so they could tailor your products to you. I put down that I have fair skin, but I feel like I get really dark products fairly often. I guess it could be used as eyeliner, but eyeshadow doesn’t stay put well enough for me to wear it as eyeliner. Anyway, I think that I will only really use half of this sample palette. I have other palettes that I adore, so I definitely won’t be getting the full size palette.

Harvey Prince Hello ($55): I actually really like this perfume. I don’t normally enjoy getting perfume samples in my boxes because if you say that you want perfume samples, you will literally get one in every box. Even if you say that you don’t want them, you will sometimes still get them anyway, but I’m ok with that. Harvey Prince Hello is so light and refreshing. It is slightly citrusy and floral; its beautiful and unique. I plan to save this to wear this come spring. I would consider buying the full size of this perfume.

Harney & Prince Wrapped Tea Sachets ($9.60): These teas were pretty good, but to be honest, I am SO tired of getting tea in my boxes. I have gotten 1-2 tea bags in every box since October and its starting to get old. Like I said, the tea was good, but it’s not good enough that I would purchase the full boxes. If I am spending over $7 on tea then I am going to go and get loose-leaf from Teavana.

Overall, this really wasn’t my favorite box of all time, but I still love getting my boxes anyway. Fun fact: if you review the products in your box within a month of receiving it, Birchbox will give you 10 points per review and every 100 points is worth $10 off of anything on the website. So in 2 months, you would have enough to get $10 off of something. I have been saving my points (from reviews and actual purchases) for a shopping spree, or maybe an expensive fill size product. Hope you have enjoyed this post, come back tomorrow to see the beauty bits I picked up over the weekend! Thanks for reading.


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