A Late Valentines Day


Hey Everyone! Sorry for not posting over the weekend, but I figured that we all had things to do anyway. Happy belated Valentines Day! Isn’t my cat adorable? I love her so much, so so cute. Over the weekend, I personally visited my fiancé. It was one of my favorite visits of all time. Earlier in the day we hung out at a coffee shop, Java Roaster, for several hours and talked over out guest list, and other wedding details. I love that we are able to talk about this stuff and agree on it. It takes all of the stress away and just confirms for me a little bit more that our marriage is going to be awesome:) We went out for dinner at Adelino’s. If you live near Lafayette, IN you should definitely go and check it out. We decided to eat tapas style and ordered several small dish to share. We had the Hummus and Pita, the Goat Cheese Crostini, the Grilled Salmon, and the Lamb Kebabs. The food was so delicious. The atmosphere was great too. Having several small dishes that come out at different points was actually great because we had time to chat and digest a bit before the next plate came. After dinner we went to an arcade that was filled with pinball machines. Surprisingly I had the highest score (like 51,000,000 points…), even though I certainly have the lowest skill level. I kept loosing the ball because I would forget to watch the it’s progress because I was distracted by the flashing lights haha. I’m dumb. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I wore a dress… and that never happens, but I wanted to be cute.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow for a review of my Birchbox and later this week for a review on my most recent beauty haul.


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