My Masks


Masks are one of my favorite products to use. There is something that is just so luxurious about it. I mean you look like a crazy person while its on, but that’s probably worth the gorgeous skin you’ll be rocking afterwards. I also sometimes employ masks as way to make myself stay awake for longer and not go to bed while I am supposed to be working on homework:) It is very effective and my skin doesn’t look wretched the next day, even if I didn’t get enough sleep. Anyway here is my carefully curated collection.

IMG_1013First up is Garnier’s Skin Renew Mask ($28). This is a tissue mask, which I would normally say that I’m not that fond of, but this is an exception. It actually fits my face quite well and it is stretchy, so its easier to position. It has really fresh, slightly fruity smell, which I love. It makes my skin feel so smooth and soft after I wear it. I’m not sure that I can really speak about its ability to brighten dark spots because I don’t really have any.


The second two offerings are fairly similar in their results, but still worth having. The Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask ($20) is a lighter less severe option. This mask chemically exfoliates the skin to help reveal brighter, healthier skin and increase cell turnover time. It is much creamier in texture and always leaves my face feeling fresh and very soft. Juice’s Sensitive Green Apple Peel Mask ($39) s the slightly more concentrated version. I find that I have to use very little of this product to see results. It is much stronger and I see results from this one much faster and longer. Within two uses I can really see that the texture of my skin is smoother and brighter. It has a gel-like texture that applies and cleans off very easily. Both of these masks are great.

IMG_1016The true workhorse of this collection is Formula 10.0.6’s Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleaning Mask ($6). This mask is hands down my most used mask of this entire lot. It is a thick, creamy mask that smells citrusy. It is gentle enough to use multiple days in a row, and I do when I am suffering from a breakout. This mask clears blemishes like you wouldn’t believe. It dries up new ones and helps old ones heal faster. It also leaves my face feeling much smoother. Everyone could benefit from wearing this mask. I have even, on occasion, talked my bothers into wearing this one, which they do while playing Xbox…

IMG_1017The newest addition to my collection is Elizabeth Arden’s Hydrating Mask ($10). I just picked this one up on Monday, but I have already used it twice. I was kind of excited when I saw it because I have been wanting to try a hydrating mask, and who couldn’t benefit from one of these with the weather that we are enduring. This mask is a pale pink color and has a slightly soapy scent, and a thick, creamy texture. I love this mask. It leaves my skin looking gorgeous and so soft. It also is very refreshing to wear because it cools the skin and that “cooling” feeling lingers for a while even after the mask is off. I highly recommend this one. I have immensely enjoyed it.

IMG_1018The last mask of the group is perhaps the most unique. Dr. Brandt’s Detoxygen Experience ($78). I actually used this one last night so that I could think of exactly how to describe this mask to you. This is a two step system. Part 1 is the actual mask and Part 2 is a creme moisturizer. The mask is unlike anything I have ever felt before. You get your face slightly damp and then spread a thin layer of the mask across it. In about thirty seconds the mask begins to work. It reacts with the water on your face and bubbles. It kind of tickles, but I think that it feels really cool. Then after the bubbling has stopped you rinse off your face and put on the creme. I do like this system. I find that it also makes my face feel really smooth. It also makes it quite glowy, which I love. I know that this mask is on the pricey side, but as a fun and occasional splurge, its perfect.

Anyway, there are my masks. I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any recommendations of other products for me to try, tell me in the comment box below! Thanks for reading.


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