Brushes I’d Buy… Again


I don’t have too many make-up brushes. They are something that I have only fairly recently gotten turned onto. I do have more than those mentioned in this post, but these are the ones I find myself coming back to time and time again. Also… I know that they don’t look super clean in these photos… I need to wash them, but in my defense, it’s only been a week and a half since their last cleaning. Anyway, here are my thoughts.

IMG_0856 These are the “face” brushes, but this I mean that these are the brushes that I use to apply base products. I use the realTechnique’s Expert Face Brush ($9). This brush is the best for applying liquid bases. It applies an even amount of product and is also great at blending around the jawline. I highly recommend this brush. I also use the realTechnique’s Powder Brush ($10). As it’s name implies, is meant to be used with powder products. I like this brush, but as far as application goes, I think that is very similar to other brushes of it’s type. What sets this brush apart from the others is the price and how well it washes. It never looses bristles.

IMG_0857 These are the brushes I use to apply products to my cheeks. First off, the best brush I have found to apply bronzer is the realTechniques Blush Brush ($9). It applies the perfect amount of product into the “hollows” of my cheeks. Next is the realTechniques Multitask Brush, which is found in the Travel Essentials set. This isn’t a real specialty brush, but as the name implies, is great for applying mostly anything: blush, highlighter, or bronzer. I take this brush with me when I travel and don’t have much room to commit to make-up products. The final brush in this set is Tarte’s Blush Brush ($28). This is the best brush for blush. It collects and deposits just the right amount of blush and it has a wonderful shape. It fits perfectly along the cheekbones. It is a bit more pricey, but it is worth it.

IMG_0858 These are the brushes I use to apply eye shadows. I find that the realTechnique’s Deluxe Crease Brush is the perfect brush for blending eyeshadows. I use this brush when I am using more than one eyeshadow to sort of gently fade them into one another. I also sometimes use it if I am using a pale shimmery eye shadow as a highlighter on other parts of my face (bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, or top of the apple’s of my cheeks). This brush can be found in the realTechnique’s Eye Starter Set ($18), and so can the next brush! I use the realTechnique’s Base Shadow Brush for applying basically any eyeshadows. I wish that I had a few more of this brush because it is so useful. This is my favorite eye shadow brush.

Anyway, these are my favorite make-up brushes. I clean all of them using Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, in Peppermint ($5). I will run them for a few seconds under running warm water, and then swirl them across the bar of soap. Then I swirl them across the palm of my hand for a few seconds before throughly rinsing them under running warm water again. Before sitting them upright to dry, I gently squeeze the access water from them and swirl them across a dry paper towel. I prefer the peppermint scent because it is so refreshing, but there are plenty of other scents as well.

Hope you enjoyed this read. Another benefit of the realTechniques brushes is that there are excellent tutorials on their website. You should check them out even if you don’t own any of the brushes because they are still highly applicable for other brands of brushes. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’d repurchase all of my real technique brushes too and my Mac 217!

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