The Bedtime Edit

IMG_0960So as I hinted in a post towards the end of last week, this post is about the products I use to get ready for bed. These products fit into 5 categories: face, lips, eyes, hands, and scent. Don’t get all excited, I’m not talking about putting perfume on before bed, although that would certainly be luxurious. I’m talking about using a scented pillow spray and rollerball. Anyway, read on and maybe find some new treasures.


First up in this category is the face wash I use at night. At the moment, I have been enjoying ROC’s Daily Resurfacing Disks ($14). Sometimes at night I’m lazy and don’t want to exfoliate, and wash, but these little babies do it all in one easy step. These pads are huge, so I always cut them down into 4 smaller pieces, which I find to be plenty. These smell really nice and leave my face feeling quite fresh. However, you must be very careful to fully rinse all of the suds off of your face because I think they might mess up the colors on bedclothes. I have a pillow case that has faded/look like it has been bleached… and I don’t know how it happened, so exercise caution when rinsing. Next, I apply Mario Badescu’s Rose Hip Oil ($20). This bottle might seem a bit pricey, but it lasts for a long time. I have had my current one since Thanksgiving and I still have half a bottle. My friends are always surprised when I tell them about this stuff, “Doesn’t putting oil on your face give you acne?”. No, it doesn’t, but it does add a bit of extra moisture and radiance. I let this sit for a few minutes, usually while I am flossing and brushing my teeth. Then I apply a little bit of Estée Lauder’s Perfectionist [CP+R] serum under my eyes, around my mouth, and across my forehead/between my eye brows. I bought this on a bit of a whim just after Christmas when I spotted on sale at T.J. Maxx of all places. I like it; it smells very good and has a nice light, powdery texture. I let this product have a minute or two to sink in while I am using my mouthwash, and trying not to swallow any… unfortunately, more often than not, this is not usually successful. Then as the final step of the face phase, I apply Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Moisturizer  ($17). I cannot praise this product enough. I have been using it for four years now and will occasionally stray and try something new, but I always come back. This lotion is very slightly iridescent and also contains SPF 15. It is the perfect moisturizer for my skin and I use it year-round.


So the first thing I like to do for my lips is run my toothbrush over them when I am finished brushing my teeth. They have been getting chapped a bit more easily lately… duh it’s winter, but I find that this really helps prevent getting the “hangy skin” pieces on them, which I can’t stand. Then once I am finished with all of my face stuff, I like to apply Clinique’s All About the Lips. This also helps to de-flake lips and just make them a bit smoother… and who is going to complain about that, especially with Valentines Day coming up! The last thing I do for my lips is to apply Dr. Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm for Lips. My friends also laughed at this product when they first saw it, but it is awesome. It is so moisturizing; its exactly what you want to put on your lips before bed so they are perfectly soft and smooth come morning!


My eye routine is pretty simple. I am currently using an eyelash serum called RapidLash ($30). I first learned about this serum through a blog that I read (See here) and compared to other lash serums you actually get quite a lot of product for your money. I have only been using it for about a week, but you can expect a full review at the end of the month. The only other thing that I do for my eyes is gently massage a bit of C.O. Bigelow’s Original Rose Salve under them. I find that the skin around my eyes gets dry really easily come winter and this really seems to help. I was using Vaseline for a while, but this stuff smells better and the packing is much cuter.


My hands get pretty dry come winter, especially if I forget to wear gloves one day, which happens more than it should. The cold wind, arctic temperatures, and constant washing really, really dries my hands out. A few product that I have found really helps with the dryness is Lush’s Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter ($17) and Welda’s Skin Food ($14). I really love both of these products. The cuticle butter has such a fresh lemon scent and smooth rich texture. I have rubbed it all over my hands on more than one occasion. Skin food is an incredibly thick, moisturizing lotion. It goes on a bit greasy but within a few minutes the greasiness is gone, replace by beautiful skin. It has a bit of an herbal scent (rosemary), some people don’t like it, but I find it to be refreshing.


The last thing I will do before bed, only if I can’t sleep or am feeling restless, is to use a calming pillow spray or rollerball. I love Dream Team by This Works. I first saw these products before Christmas as an adorable little gift set. I bought the mini versions of both, to test them before I committed to the full size. I will be buying the full sized of these in the near future because I love them. They truly work. If I am having trouble sleeping, I will get up spray my pillow with the spray rub the rollerball across my wrists and pretty soon I’m asleep. They also have a bit of an herbal smell, but once again, I really like it. It is very calming.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading about these products. Maybe I’ve inspired you to pop out and pick up one of these products to test out yourself tonight! Thanks for reading.


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