The Mascara Review


Mascara is my No.1 most used makeup item. I think that I am fairly well versed in mascaras (brands, wands, and formulas). The following are my top five faves.

IMG_0838My all time favorite mascara is Lancôme’s Hypnôse in Brown. When I initially get a new tube of this, I will open it and let it sit for a few weeks because at first its slightly too wet for my tastes. Somehow, this mascara never drys out. I always end up using all of the product or destroying the brush before it dries out. I also really like the brush. It is contoured and really helps my lashes curl. Lancôme mascaras are somewhat of a cult favorite and for good reason, they are the best.

My second favorite of this bunch is Tarte’s Gifted mascara. This one is only offered in black, so that’s what I have. I like the bamboo tube that this one comes in; its different but cool. This brush is also really good. It applies quite a bit of product onto the lashes, but doesn’t clump, which is awesome. I hate clumped lashes… I will honestly take off all of my eye makeup and start over if my eyelashes get clumped together. This mascara really makes lashes look glam. It is going to be featured in an post during this upcoming week.

The next mascara, is perhaps the most unique of the five, but it has definitely earned its place here. Third place goes to Yves Saint Laurent’s Baby Doll mascara, in brown. It comes in a beautiful, shiny, golden tube, which is so luxe. The brush on this wand features very fine synthetic bristles. It does tend to deposit quite a bit of product on the first brush through, so I usually brush over the tips of the lashes and then start at the base and brush all the way through several times, which results in perfectly curled, separated lashes.

Number four is Lancôme’s Doll Lashes mascara, in black. To be honest, I bought this one on a bit of a whim because the packaging (by Alber Elbaz) is beautiful and I wanted to buy something on that trip to Sephora. This brush is also really unique. It is long on the edge and then tapers down so that it is quite short on the other end. My lashes look good when I use this mascara, but it is more touchy than the others; I can’t really apply it very quickly because it tends to clump if you’re not careful.

The last mascara on this list is Revlon’s Lash Potion, in blackened brown. I also bought this one on a whim. The packing is really pretty, but the brush is a bit of a mess. It has two different lengths of bristles, so it is also a bit tricky to use. It took me a few times before I really got the hang of this wand, but it was worth the wait. This is one of the best drugstore brand mascaras I have ever used. The formula is good and isn’t flakey at the end of the day like most inexpensive mascaras.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this post on one of my most favorite beauty products. Later this week I plan to write about the products I use at night before bed, and there are some true gems in that group, so make sure you come back and check it out! Thanks for reading.


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