Friday and Saturday



So a few brief things about yesterday and today. Yesterday, Maddie and I took Elise to the Indianapolis Airport. She went on the fastest trip of all time, leaving yesterday at 6:50am for Seattle, Washington, and returning today around 8pm.She had a grad school audition at the University of Washington and she will probably get in because she is really talented. We had planned to leave around 4am, but we didn’t get the Maddie’s car out of the parking spot until around 4:20. We had recently gotten a ton of snow and her car had gotten plowed in. It took a while to get it out and we were freezing when we finally did, but we had a good time despite the struggle. The most memorable moment was when we finally got the car dislodged (we had all been pushing it while it was in drive) and then it rolled forward and was stopped by the snow pile in front of it. I know it sounds dangerous, but it really wasn’t. We laughed so hard that my ribs were actually hurting. After Maddie and I got back from the trip, I was able to take a 3 hour nap before my first class and I was so thankful for that!

IMG_0952Jumping to today, my parents and younger brother are at school visiting for the weekend. Kyle and I had a Wind Ensemble Concert last night with returning alumni members, so they came to hear that and then stayed and came to the basketball game today, where the Pep Band played. Kole was also able to play with us, which was a lot of fun and that was  probably the only time I will ever play in the same band with both of my brothers. It has been a lot of fun having my family here. I haven’t seen them since Christmas break since I’ve been so busy at school. This morning we all went to Donut Divas… omg. They had fresh Strawberry Shortcake and Maple donuts… so good, like the best thing ever. My family now understands why I like those donuts so much. Correction: why EVERYONE LOVES those donuts so much.

Anyway… that’s it until tomorrow! Thanks for reading.


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