An Everyday Look


IMG_0917Ok… So I don’t actually wear eye shadow everyday, but I would if I didn’t want to sleep so darn much. Nicely applied eye shadow instantly makes a look more “put together”. It kind of says, “Hey, I got up in enough time to do some extras because I’m an adult with good time management skills.” Anyway, as far as the rest of the look goes, excluding eye shadow, it is pretty standard for my everyday looks.

IMG_0938So the first thing I do, after washing my face and moisturizing, which I always do everyday, is to apply my “base”. Honestly, I am not very big on foundations because I have been blessed with pretty good natural skin, so if I wear anything, it will be really light, like this CC Cream, by Juice in Natural Glow. I have tried quite a few different BB/CC balms/creams and this one is my favorite. I will say that this one does has a bit of a smell at first. It smells like plants, which sounds weird, but the smell doesn’t last after application. It is also USDA certified organic, so that’s kind of cool. It is a bit pricey ($39), but it lasts for a long time; I have had this tube since August of 2013 and use it pretty regularly.  I general dab a bit of this stuff onto my cheeks and forehead and buff it in using the realTechniques Expert Face Brush. I love this brush. I use it to apply all of my “foundation” type products. It applies the product evenly and does all of the blending work for you, and it’s under $10, which is awesome.

Next, I like to apply my mascara, so that it has a bit of time to dry or I will smear it all over my lids. You can laugh, but it has happened, sometimes twice in one day. For this post and, in general, I use Lancôme’s Hypnose Mascara, which is right around $28 from most retailers. As I mentioned in my January Favorites Post, this mascara is ridiculously long lasting and somehow survives throughout the day despite my seriously watery eyes.

While my mascara is drying, I apply my blush. In this post, I used my Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink ($8, from any drugstore). I like this blush quite a bit. It is really easy to apply, just a few presses of the finger on the surface and you’re ready to go. However, it does tend to sit a bit more obviously on top of the skin than other blushes, so just be a careful not to use too much.

IMG_0941The last things I do are the finishing touches, aka eye shadow, liner, and lip tints. Before applying my eye shadow, I will clean off any mascara I managed to land on my eye lid… which I am getting better at avoiding. For this look, I used Pop Beauty’s Lid Bronzer. I got this on sale at Ulta for around $15, but it is normally around $22. None of the shades in this palette have names, which is strange, but I used the shimmer nude color (third from the left) and the shimmery pink (fourth from the left). I applied these using the realTechniques Base Shadow Brush. This brush comes in their Eye Starter Kit ($18), but it is a nice brush and there are a few other good brushes in the set as well. Then I used the Almay Wake Up eyeliner, highlighter duo ($9). This is a recent purchase and I really like it. I have only ever seen this product in the Walmart where I live, so this might be a product that is being taken out of stores. I used the Coffee Buzz/Iced Buff color combo. I carefully lined right above my eyelashes  from the outer edge to the center of the lid with the liner and then smudged a bit of the highlighter on my brow bones and under my eye in the lower lashes. Something that is pretty cool/unique about this product is that the highlighter is cooling, which is really refreshing, especially in the morning. The very last thing I did was to apply a tinted lip balm. I used Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose ($22). This lip balm is so nice; it is really moisturizing, but not too thick. The color is pretty natural (on my lips, but they are more pink than most), and it’s a nice fresh lemon flavor.

Anyway, this is my everyday natural look. I hope you have enjoyed this post. I plan to do an evening/date night look post in the next week, so make sure to come back and check that out!


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