My Wish List

Wish List 1

So… I might have a bit of a thing for online shopping, but maybe that’s just
because no one ever sends me mail, so I have to send it to myself. That sounds
pathetic, but I don’t really feel very bad about it. Anyway, here are a few things
I have been admiring lately.

1.  Kate Spade Claremont Drive Marcella- This bag is the most beautiful thing.
I love the color and the style; it’s a total classic, one that I would be happy
to have for a long time.

2. Aerin Evening Rose- Simply beautiful. The scent is like nothing I have
ever smelled before and the bottle is beautiful too. It’s a modern classic,
created by Estée Lauder’s granddaughter, Aerin.

3. Kate Spade “Stop and Smell the Roses” Pendant- So we know that I am
a sucker for Kate Spade, but this necklace really is awesome. I love the saying
and the correspondingly rose tinted gold.

4. Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Palette- Who doesn’t love Bobbi Brown? She has
always made fantastic concealers and recently has also produced some
gorgeous eye palettes as well. The shimmery colors are beautiful, but still
wearable everyday since the shades are neutral.

5. I Like Cats Sweatshirt- I am a serious cat lover. I can’t have one at school,
so my baby lives at home. She actually likes my brother more, but I love her
anyway. I also am a huge fan of cat related humor. I saw a shirt the other day
that said, “Are you kitten me right meow?” I’d wear that.

6. Scotch Naturals Nail Polish in Seething Jealousy- Well I’d be seething
jealousy if I saw someone wearing this beautiful polish. I am a serious nails
gal; mine are hardly ever without polish, and if you catch me without it, you
can be sure that they will be shaped and buffed to purfection (cat related
humor, remember?).

Wish List 1 by itsabeautifulbeast featuring a matte eyeshadow



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2 responses to “My Wish List

  1. LOVE that necklace! Such a good reminder… and small enough to wear and remind yourself every day:)

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