January Favorites

IMG_0822So, I know its actually into the first week of February, but we’re going to do January Favorites anyway. January was basically just cold. Plus school started up again, so I couldn’t even stay warm and snuggly inside the house. Although, I guess if I wouldn’t have had to leave the house, I wouldn’t have worn any of these products, which puts us back at January Favorites. Surprisingly, I actually tried out a few new products this month.

Benefit’s Erase Paste (in No. 1, Fair) has been a complete all star! I love this product and wish that I had found it years ago. It is a creamy, but lightweight and slightly shimmery paste that makes my complexion look perfect. I dab and blend a bit under my eyes, around my nose, on my chin, and on any blemishes, and my skin looks model-esque.

Another serious contender in this line up is Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse. I adore this scent. I have worn it everyday, since it’s purchase. The bottle is elegant and the scent even more so. I find that it wears really well with me. A few spritzes and I can enjoy Modern Muse all day. It is light, and sexy, and a bit powdery… my favorite mix.

The product I have been using the longest out of the group is Lancôme’s classic Hypnose mascara (in Brown). It is one of the best mascaras I have ever worn; it’s in my top 3 favorites. I find that it looks really natural on me, especially if I am wearing brown instead of black. This mascara also lasts really well, both on and in the tube. My eyes water really badly when it is cold or/and windy and this mascara somehow manages to stay in place despite all of my eye rubbing.

A Christmas present, the realTechniques blush brush, has also become a fast favorite. I have used it for applying blush, bronzer, and highlighter… obviously not in the same sitting. I have come to mostly use it for applying bronzer. It fits well into the “hollows” of my cheeks (I don’t really have them, but I like to imagine that I do) and deposits just the right amount of color for contouring, but does not to leave behind brown stripes.

IMG_0830 The last item on the January Favorites list was this NARS palette with Orgasm and Laguna. I have been wearing Orgasm for roughly a year and a half now, but Laguna is new for me. That is actually why I bought the double palette. I figured if I hated the bronzer, then at least I would still have the blush, haha. Anyway, I have come to love Laguna. It is a rather ugly color in the palette, but it is perfect on. It is just the right color for contouring, not to dark, not too orange, and no shimmer. I have pale, pink skin and somehow this looks just as good on me as my friends with beautiful olive skin. It’s seriously magical.



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