The Weekend, a Review

IMG_0817This was one of the most relaxing, chill weekends I have had all semester, not that there have been that many thus far. My fiancé visited and we were able to spend quite a bit of time together. It is so refreshing to have the luxury to spend time with someone that is so restful! I wish that were more common, but perhaps if it was it wouldn’t be so special? Also, rating high the the cuteness scale, I practiced my horn on Saturday, and I found a spare horn in a storage room and we played a duet together. Background Story: Trent and I met on the first day of middle school, when we sat next to each other in band class. So that was a fun flashback to our past.

On Sunday, the guy and I (and the roommate, but that goes without saying) went and got doughnuts from Donut Divas in Gas City. Well… Elise and I went there last Sunday too, but we don’t need to talk about my bad eating habits:) The donuts are. so. good. but seriously. I highly recommend the Strawberry Shortcake donut. It is my fav. Not that I really feel all the guilty, about this but I plan to take my family to Donut Divas next weekend when they visit. I will probably be working out this week in the meantime because lets just say that if DD’s had a punch card to earn free donuts, I might have gotten a few free ones by this point.



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